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Legal Online Sportsbooks FAQ

Has anyone been arrested for betting on sports over the Internet?


We have never heard of anyone getting in trouble for betting on sports online, except for one guy who didn't pay his taxes. Pay your taxes and you're ok.


What is the age limit to bet on sports over the Internet?


For most states you have to be 21, though there are a few where you can bet at the age of 18 if the sportsbook will allow it.


How will I be able to retrieve my winnings from these sportsbooks?


For the most part, you will have to retrieve your winnings back by way of the deposit method you used, though they will credit you your winnings through a wire transfer.


How do I know these gambling sites are trusted?


If you gamble through our sites, you will know that all of them are fully legitimate and licensed by various governments, such as the UK.


Is my identity safe with these betting sites?


Yes. We have made sure that only the most trusted gambling sites would make it into our midst, as there are too many dangerous betting sites out there.